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Korean Fantastic: Features

Last year, ‘Korean Fantastic: Featured’ was newly established to discover and support Korean genre movies. With the increased number and range of the films, BIFAN created a Featured section in addition to the existing Competition section from this year. While the Competition section is focused on limited major genres that go with the major flow of Korean movie, this Featured section is to feature some unique films with the intention of looking for the hidden gems continuing to try diverse genres. Films including Outdoor Begins, a mixture of blood splatter movie, sex comedy, and musical, I'll Just Live in Bando, a comedy/short animation with an extremely low production cost of KRW30,000,000, whimsically portrays the unfairness of this society, as well as the crisis of middle-aged man in the academia, will be shown. Also, The Villainess, a woman action movie featured in this year's Cannes' Midnight Screening, as well as Coffee Noir: Black Brown, starring a woman fighting against injustice in a World where coffee is banned, will present the audience with the joy of discovering the fun of different genres, ranging from comedy, horror, thriller, and action.
Also, BIFAN will feature a world premiere of Ryeohaeng, a beautiful documentary, which is a mixture of fiction, non-fiction, and fantasy, by Director Im Heungsoon, the first artist to receive the Silver Lion Award at Venice Biennale in 2015. Along with these films, BIFAN features some selection of movies that are worth the attention and discussion, though these movies were not successful due to the distribution structure of commercial movies. Moreover, a world premiere of Green Fever, a web drama of director Yoon Seongho who is the pioneer of the web dramas, will be featured in BIFAN as well. Not to be forgotten are the world-premieres of these two powerful documentaries, Moo-hyun, the Story of Two Cities - Final Cut, which is an edited version of the widely loved version that was in theater last year, and The Accomplices, a newly created documentary by Director Choi Seungho, containing the story of past 10years. With the earnest hope that the Korean movies would barge into the adventure of different genres and attempts, BIFAN will feature diverse movies including traditional genre movies, animation, and even documentaries.