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World Fantastic Red

The World Fantastic Cinema, which displayed a panorama of fantastic films from all around the world up until the 19th film festival, was divided into two sections at the 20th film festival. To make it easier for the audience to make a decision, films are divided into Red and Blue depending on the genre, tone, and the characteristics of the films. World Fantastic Red is a section for those who love blood-spattering action, creepy horror, and heart-pumping thriller films.
Not only will The Monster Project - an interview of a monster by a reality TV staff - be making a world premiere, but 31 new and popular films will be shown. These include Raw, the film about vegetarian sisters that get a taste of meat and end up coming to ruins that shocked the audiences in Cannes and Toronto; The Autopsy of Jane Doe, a film about the shocking secret about the body of an unidentified young woman; Psychopaths, the story about a psycho killer and the vindictive spirit of an executed prisoner; Meatball Machine: Kodoku, the splatter horror film about a middle-aged man that fights against an alien that turns humans into monster machines; Tokyo Ghoul, that questions the possibility of coexistence between humans and ghouls while showing off a novel side of Aoi Yu; and Jailbreak, a hot-blooded action film from Cambodia to scare the summer heat away. The EFFFF jury members will be awarding the European Federation of Fantastic Film Festivals (EFFFF) Asian Film Award to one of the Asian films in World Fantastic Red.