World Fantastic Red


Vietnam|2016 |68min |Korean Premiere |Color |Feature / Horror, Fantasy, Thriller |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
366 7/16  20:30 Sosa-gu Office Sohyang Hall 18
419 7/17  14:00 CGV Bucheon 7 (Hyundai U-PLEX) 18
650 7/19  20:00 CGV Bucheon Station 5 18 GV
366 7/16  20:30Sosa-gu Office Sohyang Hall
419 7/17  14:00CGV Bucheon 7 (Hyundai U-PLEX)
650 7/19  20:00CGV Bucheon Station 5
18  GV

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Vu wanted to kill Map to avenge his girlfriend who was killed in a tragic car accident and raped when she was dead. The rapist and killer was Map’s father, but there was a another mastermind behind the whole incident.


레 빈 장

LE Binh Giang

Born in 1990, Le Binh Giang studied film directing in School of The Theatre and Cinema of Ho Chi Minh City, but couldn’t graduate because the Council of Examiners considered his first feature film Kfc (2016) was too violent. Nevertheless, this film is still being invited by many international film festivals.

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starfull_star 9.75