Fantastic Short Films 11

Short Film is short, but it's also long. Magical films with 'long' impressions after a 'short' running time. This year, 84 films from 27 countries were invited to this popular section of BIFAN, 'Fantastic Short Films'. The Chickening, the much-talked-about film in Sundance Film Festival and KungFury, the opening Film in Clermont-Ferrand Int'l Shrot Film Festival are showing the taste of the 'last alcohol drop'. 2037 and Thunder Road are comedies that you can't resist laughing. Curve, Thorn and Hada are 'tasty' films for horror fans. Escargore and Accidents, Buders and Calamities are witty, while Waves '98 and Nina have lonely emotions. The uncommon storytelling in Son in the Barbershop and hi-technology of screen x in Over should be also on the checklist.