Strange Hommage

As the global popularity of restoring films by master directors grew, Strange Hommage took the opportunity to present a carefully curated selection of cinematic masterpieces this year.

This year"s Strange Hommage features two 4K restored classics: the first one being Naked Lunch, David Cronenberg"s bizarre and subversive 1991 adaptation of William S. Burroughs" seminal work, the second, The Doom Generation, one of Gregg Araki"s breakthrough Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy films from 1997. Both are being shown in their original director"s cut.

The collection of restored films by Asian directors ranges from early works by renowned masters to animated masterpieces. Four Moods is a fantasy omnibus of four films, each titled after one of four different emotions, directed by Pai Ching-jui, King Hu, Lee Hsing, and Li Han-hsiang. Takahashi Banmei"s Door is a compelling discovery of a thriller with a nostalgic late 80s vibe. He made his debut in 1972 and has an impressive filmography of over 80 new works to date, and also produced Ishii Sogo"s The Crazy Family. Patrick Tam"s Nomad: Director"s Cut is a restored version that includes controversial scenes previously omitted from the original, offering the audience to glimpse young Leslie Cheung, an enduring fan favorite who became a forever star in the sky. In celebration of Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress, BIFAN presents The Heroic Trio by Johnnie To, a masterpiece of female collaborative action featuring the dazzling performances of Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui, and Maggie Cheung. Kon Satoshi"s Millennium Actress is an animated marvel renowned for its brilliant screenplay and stunning editing, offering profound significance of screening it now and inviting viewers to explore the hommages of cinematic masterpieces and contemplate the current state of film.