Comedy, Fantasy, and Drama the Selection That Will Melt Your Heart

Merry-Go-Round offers a lineup of films that will bring both fun and tears. Egoist is a heartwarming romance between Japan's most beloved actor, Suzuki Ryohei, and Miyazawa Hio, who won the Asian Film Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film. My Beautiful Man ~Eternal~M is the film adaptation of author Nagira Yuu's smash hit novel, which won the 2020 Bookstore Grand Prize. Shirashai Koji's pink film, Safe Word, follows the thrilling double life of rocker Misa, as she awakens to her SM inclination. Galang is an unmissable, coming-of-age story that brings an interesting observation of the Indonesian heavy metal scene.

Four Little Adults is a comedy about the reckless sexual escapades of two couples who suspect infidelity within their marriages. The film consistently delivers laughter while prompting viewers to contemplate the meaning of relationships, marriage, sexuality, and romance in modern society. It is an intriguing report that encourages us to reflect on these topics and their significance to us now.

This year's English-language selections contain two unique documentaries, including Enter the Clones of Bruce, which investigates the actors playing the role of Bruce Lee-like Kung Fu action hero after his unfortunate sudden death to continue the commercially viable martial arts genre. Also highlighted is You Can Call Me Bill, an intimate portrait of William Shatner of Captain Kirk fame, covering his nine decades of glorious life. With Love and a Major Organ, an original, quirky feature debut from Canadian Kim Albright delightfully fantasizes about love, life and what makes it worth living.

Four Korean films are also ready to meet audiences, including two documentaries, Sandstorm, a heartwarming story of female wrestlers, and Rewind, Pause, Then, Play, a love letter to cinema from a VHS-era movie buff. Director Lim Chanik's Dauren's Wedding explores the exceptional connections between two simple people in Kazakhstan. And The K-Pop Story is a touching tale of actor and singer Yang Dong-geun, directed by Yun Jae-yeon.