Master Class with Ari Aster, Director of the Opening Movie Beau Is Afraid

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Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Presents:
Master Class with Ari Aster,
Director of the Opening Movie Beau Is Afraid

June 29 (THU) 13:00, Korea Manhwa Museum
Be Prepared for a Special Time with the “Horror Master”!/strong>

▲Ari Aster on the set of Beau Is Afraid
The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN, Festival Director Shin Chul) will hold a master class with Ari Aster, the director of the festival’s opening film Beau Is Afraid. The master class will take place after the film screening at the Korea Manhwa Museum on June 29th (Thu) at 13:00. Barry Sabath, senior lecturer at the American Film Institute (AFI), a longtime mentor of Ari Aster, will host this special session, providing an unique opportunity to delve into Ari Aster’s cinematic world.

Beau Is Afraid depicts the bizarre and fantastic odyssey of Beau, as he confronts his memories, fantasies, and realities in his quest to meet his mother. It is Ari Aster's third feature film, produced by A24, the production company of his previous films Hereditary (2018) and Midsommar (2019). The director said: “It's a movie that I've been thinking about for 10 years and it's the most me-like film, containing much of my personality and my style of humor.” The masterclass will be the very special chance to listen to the director’s own story behind this film.

As an addition to the opening film, this master class will provide the opportunity to take a deeper look into the cinematic world of director Ari Aster and his unique directing style, and to listen to behind-the-scenes stories from the director himself. With only two movies, Hereditary and Midsommar, he has won the title of "Horror Master" and established itself as one of the most important directors of the 21st century.

The fan of Korean cinema is visiting Korea for the first time. He revealed his special affection for Korean films in interviews and said he was inspired by works such as Jang Joon-hwan’s Save the Green Planet (2003), Lee Changdong’s Secret Sunshine (2007), and Na Hong-jin's The Wailing (2016). It will be interesting to hear what the director has to say about his Korean inspirations.

Barry Sabath, who will moderate the master class, is serving as the dean of the NAFF Fantastic Film School this year, an important part of BIFAN’s industry program B.I.G. He has produced more than 30 films, including Flatliners (1990), and has been avtive at many international film festivals and film institutions, including the Korean Film Council’s Filmmakers’ Development Lab. Since Ari Aster had entered the AFI Conservatory program in 2010, the veteran filmmaker has been his mentor, and continues to watched his subsequent moves ever since. During the master class simultaneous translation will be provided. Reservations can be made starting June 22 (THU), 14:00.

The 27th edition of BIFAN will run from June 29 to July 9. The festival’s main hub will be the Bucheon City Hall with the Main Stage, the Fantastic Cube and the Lawn Square. Screenings will also take place at the CGV Sopung, the Korea Manhwa Museum and the Megabox Bucheon Starfield City. Online screenings will be available on wavve. Beyond Reality, BIFAN’s XR section will be held at the Bucheon Art Bunker B39. BIFAN’s industry program B.I.G, including the NAFF Project Market, the Fantastic Film School and Made in Asia will unfold at the Koryo Hotel and the Bucheon Art Bunker B39. The special exhibition Master CHOI MIN SIK can be visited at the Hyundai Department Store Jungdong..