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NAFF Fantastic Film School The 14th NAFF(Network of Asian Fantastic Films) Fantastic Film School, a training program for genre film professionals is now seeking the emerging filmmakers from all over the Asian territories. NAFF Fantastic Film School is a genre film production education and network program for emerging filmmakers in Asia. NAFF Fantastic Film School, which has produced 264 genre filmmakers from around the world for 13 years, offers programs such as film lectures comprise of practical curriculum, master classes where genre experts participate as mentors, and team pitching through workshops. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, the program will take place online.
The students of NAFF Fantastic Film School can participate in lectures on various topics from essential courses in film production, such as story doctoring, and movie scene analysis with worldwide film industry professionals, to current hot issues in the film industry, such as new media storytelling, international co-production strategies, and alternative film distribution and screening.

How to apply

  • Entry to the Fantastic Film School must be made throught the online entry system:
  • Entrant must fill in requested information in each field.

Fantastic Film School Schedule

Submission Deadline April 30, 2021
Announcement of Participants May 31, 2021
NAFF Fantastic Film School July 8 ~ July 14, 2021
  • E-mail :
  • Tel : 032-327-6313(x144)
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