Bucheon City 50th Anniversary Celebration

Flesh for Frankenstein

Paul MORRISSEY|Italy, USA|1973|95min |Korean Premiere |18+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
239 6/30  24:00 - 05:46 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 18
437 7/2  19:30 - 21:05 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 18
239 6/30  24:00 - 05:46Bucheon City Hall Main Theater
437 7/2  19:30 - 21:05Bucheon City Hall Main Theater

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Program Note

Baron Frankenstein, with the help of his bizarre assistant Otto, is determined to create a new master race. To achieve his objective, he constructs two perfect “zombies” from an assemblage of body parts, intending them to mate. Meanwhile, complications ensue as Nicholas, a farm hand, begins an affair with the Baron’s sexually frustrated wife all while searching for his missing friend Nicholas, whose head and brain have been used for Frankenstein’s male 'zombie.”

Program Note

The film Flesh for Frankenstein involving people like Roman Polanski, Carlo Ponti, Udo Kier, Joe Dallesandro, and Andy Warhol himself, might have been destined to become synonymous with excessive hype right from the start. Even the production of this film, which began with a combination of seemingly opulent names, was plagued with difficulties from start to finish. Itlacked a decent screenplay and relied on improvisation throughout the entire production. Moreover, although it was originally planned as a 3D film, it was ultimately released in 2D, and even then, it was X rated in the United States, leading to its commercial failure. The 4K restored version to be screened at BIFAN 2023 clearly showcases a true taste of this legendary film, which has become a cult classic among 20th-century B-movies, with its evident props of blood and organs, amateurish special effects, and exaggerated performances. It is a rare opportunity to experience it in 3D for the first time in Korea. (Jin PARK)




Born in New York City in 1938. In 1965, He was Introduced to Andy Warhol, he became the director and manager of Warhol's studio. He contributed to story ideas, casting, cinematography, and direction in Warhol's film experiments. After Lonesome Cowboys (1968), which was written, produced and directed by Morrissey from start to finish, he assumed total control of all subsequent films presented by Andy Warhol. His notable works include Flesh for Frankenstein (1973) and Sangue per Dracula (1973). In 1975, Morrissey parted ways with Warhol as the artist focused on painting and business. Morrissey went on to pursue financing for his later films, one of the very few American film directors to remain independent of any Hollywood film companies, independent or otherwise.


Producer Andrew BRAUNSBERG, Andy WARHOL
Screenplay Paul MORRISSEY
Author of the Original Work Mary SHELLEY
Cinematographer Luigi KUVEILLER
Editor Jed JOHNSON, Franca SILVI
Music Claudio GIZZI
Production Design Enrico JOB