Folk Horror: Lands of Cruelty, Beliefs of Terror

Eyes of Fire

Avery CROUNSE|USA|1983|86min |Korean Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
603 7/4  10:30 - 11:56 Korea Manhwa Museum 15
1011 7/8  20:00 - 21:26 Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube 15
603 7/4  10:30 - 11:56Korea Manhwa Museum
1011 7/8  20:00 - 21:26Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube

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Program Note

A rogue 18th century preacher and his followers make their way downriver to establish a new settlement beyond the western frontier and encounter a forest enchanted by strange spirits that will bring an apocalyptic madness upon them.

Program Note

Released in 1983, Avery Crounse’s feature debut is set in 1750 on the American frontier before America’s independence. A creepy eighteenth-century preacher (Dennis Lipscomb), along with his followers, head downstream after he is accused of having relationships with two married women. Their journey takes them into dangerous territory where they come up against mysterious woodland spirits. The film’s striking visuals and rapid editing make this an unforgettable viewing experience. It’s less about the gore, it’s more the exquisite production design and how it captures Crounse’s world of psychological horror that ultimately makes this resonate, turning it into one of the most significant folk horrors of the early 1980s. (Jason BECHERVAISE)


에이버리 크라운즈


Avery CROUNSE (1951-2023) was an award-winning photographer known for employing fantastical collage techniques to create dreamlike imagery. He applied these methods, which he referred to as “Modern Mythologies,” to his debut feature film, Eyes of Fire, in 1983. With his production company Elysian Pictures, he made two more films: The Invisible Kid (1988) and Cries of Silence (1996).


Producer Philip J. SPINELLI, Chris BALDWIN
Screenplay Avery CROUNSE
Cinematographer Wade HANKS
Editor Michael BARNARD
Music Brad FIEDEL
Production Design Gregg FONSECA
Cast Dennis LIPSCOMB, Guy BOYD, Rebecca STANLEY