Forbidden Dream

HUR Jin-ho|Korea|2019|133min |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
447 7/2  19:30 - 21:43 MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4 12
506 7/3  10:30 - 12:43 CGV Sopung 6 12
447 7/2  19:30 - 21:43MEGABOX BucheonStarfieldCity 4
506 7/3  10:30 - 12:43CGV Sopung 6

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Program Note

A true historical drama about King SEJONG, the greatest ruler in Joseon history who sought to enhance national prosperity and military power through astronomy, and JANG Yeong-sil, the most remarkable scientist.

Program Note

CHOI Min Sik and melodrama somehow seem like an unlikely pairing, which is why melodrama is more of a variation than a mainstream genre for him. Set in the Joseon Dynasty, Forbidden Dream adopts the typical genre conventions of a historical drama. However, director Hur Jin-ho portrays the relationship between King Sejong and Jang Yeong-sil as if it were a love affair that transcends their social status. In a situation where Joseon is subservient to China, the astronomical observatory invented by Yeong-sil becomes an innovative step towards the independence that Sejong dreams of. Sejong can’t help but notice him and Yeong-sil’s sincerity leads Sejong to care for him deeply. Yeong-sil, coming from a humble background, devotes everything to Sejong, who has the power to change his life. The love they give and receive truly resembles that of lovers. The story is inspired by a single line of historical records stating, “In the 24th year of King Sejong’s reign, there was an incident that Sejong’s carriage wheel broke while traveling to the Icheon Palace.” As the story unfolds, it unravels the intriguing connection between Sejong and Yeong-sil. (HUH Namwoong)



HUR Jin-ho

He made his debut with Christmas in August in 1997. Major works include One Fine Spring Day (2001), April Snow (2005), Happiness (2007), A Good Rain Knows (2009), Dangerous Liaisons (2012), and The Last Princess (2016).


Producer KIM Won-guk
Screenplay JUNG Bum-sik, LEE Jimin
Cinematographer LEE Mo-gae
Editor KIM Hyeong-ju
Sound PARK Yong-ki
Music CHO Seong-woo
Production Design CHO Hwa-sung
Cast CHOI Min Sik, HAN Seok-kyu, SHIN Gu