XL 7

Car Camping

JUNG Hae Sim|Korea|2022|16min |World Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
227 6/30  17:30 - 18:52 CGV Sopung 8 15 GV
507 7/3  11:00 - 12:22 CGV Sopung 8 15
727 7/5  17:00 - 18:22 CGV Sopung 8 15 GV
227 6/30  17:30 - 18:52CGV Sopung 8
15  GV
507 7/3  11:00 - 12:22CGV Sopung 8
727 7/5  17:00 - 18:22CGV Sopung 8
15  GV

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Program Note

Youtuber Se-jin has become famous for her Camping in the car alone contents. When people questioned the veracity of her videos, she is trying to figure out to shoot new vlog - going camping with one of subscribers, Bu-mi who is herbig fan. The Car camping for healing transformed into the journey for killing.

Program Note

Se-jin, a YouTuber, is famous for her solo car camping content. When people begin to doubt the authenticity of the videos, she decides to film a car camping video with one of her subscribers. However, the peaceful camping trip she anticipated gradually turns into a nightmare. As the two characters become embroiled in an escalating confrontation, they uncover the truth behind the incident. (SEO Eunyoung)



JUNG Hae Sim

She graduated Sejong University. Film Art. and London Film School. Filmmaking MA. and she is currently studying at Graduate School of Digital Image and Contents. Dongguk University, also working as Sejong University Lecturer and screen writer.