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Kilian FEUSI , Jessica MEIER , Sujanth RAVICHANDRAN|Switzerland|2022|4min |Asian Premiere |18+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
304 7/1  10:30 - 11:56 CGV Sopung 4 18 GV
515 7/3  13:30 - 14:56 CGV Sopung 6 18
728 7/5  17:00 - 18:26 CGV Sopung 9 18 GV
304 7/1  10:30 - 11:56CGV Sopung 4
18  GV
515 7/3  13:30 - 14:56CGV Sopung 6
728 7/5  17:00 - 18:26CGV Sopung 9
18  GV

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Program Note

Bob the plumber is hired to fix a broken pipe and lands to his surprise in a gay fetish club.

Program Note

A plumber arrives at a gay fetish club to fix a pipe. Faced with this scene, he becomes flustered, unsure of where to look. The author, who also had a similar experience when visiting a gay club for the first time, recalls feeling the same way. Watching this work brought back memories of being trapped in prejudice and feeling alone, unable to hold back laughter. (Kristin JI)


킬리안 페우시

Kilian FEUSI

Kilian FEUSI studied Animation at the Lucerne School of Arts and Design, specializing in 2D animation, storytelling, and sound design. He developed his passion for Animation and Film through the crazy world of cartoons, captivating both children and adults.
제시카 마이어

Jessica MEIER

With an interest in storytelling and illustration from a young age, Jessica MEIER became interested in film and animation. Through her studies at HSLU she was able to explore 2D animation, character and background design, directing, as well as line-producing. In the future, she wants to stay in animation and work on short films or develop her own films.
수잔트 라비찬드란


After career as a polymechanic and working in the technical field, Sujanth RAVICHANDRAN enrolled in a design preparatory course in 2018 to explore artistic interests. In 2019, he started studying in Animation at HSLU in Lucerne.