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Ramiro FIRME, Santiago MUSETTI|Uruguay|2022|5min |International Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
319 7/1  14:00 - 15:19 CGV Sopung 8 15 GV
527 7/3  17:00 - 18:19 CGV Sopung 9 15 GV
804 7/6  10:30 - 11:49 CGV Sopung 4 15
319 7/1  14:00 - 15:19CGV Sopung 8
15  GV
527 7/3  17:00 - 18:19CGV Sopung 9
15  GV
804 7/6  10:30 - 11:49CGV Sopung 4

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Program Note

Natalia, a cinema student, films her brother Rafa and his friend Andres recounting a local urban legend, unaware that they will end up summoning its antagonist: a vengeful ghost with a peculiar appetite.

Program Note

Siblings and their friend roam the neighborhood, turning on their camcorder to capture the eerie rumors circulating. With a short running time of 5 minutes, it could be described as a well-ordered report of a horror film, which keeps viewers glued to the screen with its well-executed cinematography, sound effects, and even subtle special effects. Ramiro and Santiago, the two directors, also star as the main characters, showcasing their versatility. Don’t miss the intense surprise in the ending. (Kani KIM)


라미로 피르메, 산티아고 무세티

Ramiro FIRME, Santiago MUSETTI

Ramiro FIRME and Santiago MUSETTI have been co-writing and directing productions since their graduation from Escuela La Escena in 2018. They have a strong focus on genre filmmaking and explore its possibilities through dynamic editing, striking visuals, fresh and realistic dialogue, and placing the character at the center of the narrative. They gained recognition with their directorial debut film Nadie Nunca, as well as their short films Estar Acá and especially M A T A G A T O (2022), which was featured at the Detour Festival in 2022.