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Forest of Echos

LIM Yoo-ri|Korea|2023|22min |World Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
214 6/30  13:30 - 14:53 CGV Sopung 4 15 GV
539 7/3  20:00 - 21:23 CGV Sopung 11 15 GV
709 7/5  11:00 - 12:23 CGV Sopung 10 15
214 6/30  13:30 - 14:53CGV Sopung 4
15  GV
539 7/3  20:00 - 21:23CGV Sopung 11
15  GV
709 7/5  11:00 - 12:23CGV Sopung 10

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Program Note

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived alone in a small village in the high mountains. And one day, her worst fears came true. So she runs away and decides to go into a forbidden forest to die. In the forest, Okyoen meets somebody- her friend who got married and moved away years ago. Okyeon soon realizes something was off with her friend. Because she was wearing the same wedding attire from the day she got married. in the midst of all the secrets being revealed, what choice will the little girl make?

Program Note

A woman dressed is in a Hanbok and frantically chased by the men, finds herself entering a forbidden land. There, she encounters her close friend, who got married to the old man from the neighboring village several years before. Strangely, she is still wearing her wedding outfit, as if she no longer belongs to this world. During a time when she was born as a woman and had to endure an unwanted marriage, the powerful portrayal of the characters’ final choice unfolds behind “Gut”(exorcism) by a deep-rooted grudge. (PARK Got)



LIM Yoo-ri

Born in 1998. Studying filmmaking in K’arts. Starting with the first short film Forest of Echos, will always try to continue to create everlasting tales.