You Can Call Me Bill

Alexandre O. PHILIPPE|USA|2023|95min |Asian Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
218 6/30  14:00 - 15:35 CGV Sopung 9 15 GV
529 7/3  17:00 - 18:35 CGV Sopung 11 G GV
218 6/30  14:00 - 15:35CGV Sopung 9
15  GV
529 7/3  17:00 - 18:35CGV Sopung 11

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Program Note

You Can Call Me Bill is a documentary about William Shatner, known for his iconic roles in television and film. At 92, he continues to embrace adventure and is the oldest man to venture into space. His final wish is to be a tree, reflecting his environmental concerns. The film explores his life, passions, and hopes, revealing the man behind the masks.

Program Note

William Shatner has been a global cultural icon since starring as Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek from the Sixties. In You Can Call Me Bill, he shares deep thoughts on behind-the-scenes revelations about his iconic roles, and the people he worked with. Even at 92, Shatner continues reinventing himself as an author, pitchman, entertainer, and even as an astronaut.
Master of such bio-documentaries as The Exorcist, Alien, and Psycho, director Alexandre O. Philippe employs an unusual way to tell the lifelong journey of William Shatner this time, using the actor’s extended monologues. His larger-than-life personality is fully displayed, featuring his starring roles, TV appearances, and even commercials. Philippe’s inserts of rare clips and video footage are timely interludes in the actor’s illustrious career, often adding extra details to his generally perceived iconic image. (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


알렉산더 O. 필립

Alexandre O. PHILIPPE

He is the Creative Director at Exhibit A Pictures. Most of his films take on the role of unpacking the most influential works of master filmmakers. Past works, including 78/52 (2017) and MEMORY: The Origins of Alien (2019), were both screened at Sundance. Lynch/Oz (2022) was invited to BIFAN 2022, and You Can Call Me Bill world premiered at SXSW.


Producer Kerry DEIGNAN ROY, Jeff ANNISON
Screenplay Alexandre O. PHILIPPE
Cinematographer Robert MURATORE
Editor Patrick HUBER, Dave KRAHLING
Sound Phillip LLOYD HEGEL
Music Jon HEGEL
Cast William SHATNER