With Love and a Major Organ

Kim ALBRIGHT|Canada|2023|92min |Asian Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
321 7/1  14:00 - 15:32 CGV Sopung 10 15 GV
514 7/3  13:30 - 15:02 CGV Sopung 5 15
321 7/1  14:00 - 15:32CGV Sopung 10
15  GV
514 7/3  13:30 - 15:02CGV Sopung 5

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Program Note

In a world where everyone’s heart is an object and there’s a strong societal pressure to dampen emotion, lonely Virtual Insurance broker Anabel always follows her heart. After a series of devastating emotional blows in this overly pragmatic society, she rips her heart from her chest and gives it to a man she’s fallen for, the strangely unfeeling George. Anabel finds life easier but George begins to feel everything and shocks his overbearing mother, Mona. Anabel soon realizes she needs to get her heart back if she’s going to survive.

Program Note

In an alternate world, where people’s hearts are detachable objects for exchange, Anabel sells a popular virtual app called “LifeZapp”, which encourages people to be practical and less emotional. She is the very opposite of this, and struggles with the people around her, who are tech-oriented and lacking in empathy and compassion. When a man she loves casually breaks up with her, she makes a critical decision that will forever change her life and the lives of people around her.
With Love and a Major Organ is an impressive feature directorial debut by Kim Albright, based on a screenplay by Julia Lederer, who also wrote the original book and play. The film is a dystopian sci-fi dramedy on the meaning of life, and the importance of human connection in today’s technology-dependent society. Ms. Albright makes a compelling case for the importance of life, urging us to live and love to the fullest. (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


킴 올브라이트


Kim ALBRIGHT is a Canadian, British, Filipina director. She studied architecture in Montreal and began her career in London, directing short films, music videos, and commercials. Her shorts have won awards worldwide, including at the BFI London Film Festival and the British Independent Film Festival. With Love and a Major Organ is her feature film debut.


Producer Madeleine DAVIS
Screenplay Julia LEDERER
Author of the Original Work Julia LEDERER
Cinematographer Leonardo HARIM
Editor Tony ZHOU
Sound Matt DRAKE
Music Jeremy Wallace MACLEAN
Production Design Megan MACAULAY
Cast Hamza HAQ, Anna MAGUIRE, Veena SOOD