Hungry Ghost Diner

CHO We Jun|Malaysia|2023|116min |World Premiere |G

Code Time Theater Rate GV
238 6/30  20:00 - 21:56 CGV Sopung 11 G GV
505 7/3  10:30 - 12:26 CGV Sopung 5 G
718 7/5  14:00 - 15:56 CGV Sopung 9 G
1112 7/9  19:30 - 21:26 Korea Manhwa Museum G
238 6/30  20:00 - 21:56CGV Sopung 11
505 7/3  10:30 - 12:26CGV Sopung 5
718 7/5  14:00 - 15:56CGV Sopung 9
1112 7/9  19:30 - 21:26Korea Manhwa Museum

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Program Note

Bonnie begins experiencing strange incidents following her uncle’s mysterious appearance at her food truck late one night. Returning to her childhood hometown, she is stranded during a sudden Covid-19 Lockdown and is forced to take refuge in her family's old coffeeshop, discovering that it is haunted by her relatives’ ghosts returning for the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Program Note

Bonnie, who makes a living running a food truck, carries the burden of unpleasant memories intertwined with her mother’s death during the Hungry Ghost Festival. One night, after finishing work, she meets her uncle and briefly chats with him. When she returns to her hometown, she realizes that her uncle was dead, and she had been chatting to his ghost. Bonnie is now faced with the task of saving her mother’s restless spirit, who has transformed into a hungry ghost, while dealing with the failing family business, her long-desired relationship with her father, and the upcoming Hungry Ghost Festival.
Director CHO We Jun builds a drama of resolving past grievances among family members based on the customs of ghost month in the Chinese-speaking area, where the spirits of the deceased are said to visit the living in the month of July, when empty seats and meticulously prepared meals are provided for them. The film’s perspective, sometimes comic and sometimes full of warm empathy, brings a unique touch that distinguishes it from typical horror movies that portray ghosts as objects of fear. At the same time, it serves as an emotional appeal to the universal theme of family. (CHO Jaewhee)


초 웨 준

CHO We Jun

Graduating with honours in Actuarial Science, We Jun transitioned from finance to filmmaking in 2012. He honed his skills under the mentorship of industry professionals like Tim Hutchinson and Baltasar Kormákur and directed numerous short films selected for international film festivals. Hungry Ghost Diner is his debut feature and be ready to screen to the audiences of 27th BIFAN.


Producer Benji LIM, Yve VONN LEE
Screenplay CHO We Jun
Cinematographer TAN Teck Zee
Editor TEH Rou Ning
Sound Ashwin GOBINATH
Music TEOH Eng Hooi
Production Design Rob NEVIS, CHO We Jun
Cast CHEN Keat Yoke, CHEN Puie Kong, Sam CHONG