Four Little Adults

Selma VILHUNEN|Finland, Sweden|2023|122min |Asian Premiere |18+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
308 7/1  11:00 - 13:02 CGV Sopung 9 18
517 7/3  14:00 - 16:02 CGV Sopung 9 18
308 7/1  11:00 - 13:02CGV Sopung 9
517 7/3  14:00 - 16:02CGV Sopung 9

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Program Note

Juulia is a successful Member of the Parliament with a seemingly perfect marriage with her priest husband Matias. But when Juulia finds out Matias has had a year-long affair with Enni, she collapses. To save her marriage, Juulia invites Enni to be a part of their lives, and they start a polyamorous relationship. When Juulia explores the new rules, she falls in love with young Miska, who seems to be the most mature of the quartet. There is a lot of love in the relationships among the four, but no matter how hard they try, challenges seem to remain.

Program Note

Matiass, who works as a church priest, and Juulia, a successful career-driven politician, form a couple who maintain their passionate love for each other and appear to be the epitome of a stable relationship. That is, until Matias is caught in infidelity. Juulia is engulfed in shock and betrayal, but after much contemplation, accepts Matias’ mistress, Enni, into their lives. Coincidentally, while seeking solace in a club, Juulia encounters the charming and youthful Miska, igniting in her a strange sense of liberation, longing, and love. Thus, the four adults begin on a polyamorous relationship. Through the portrayal of a priest engaging in adultery, and a seemingly conservative politician choosing a non-binary lover and falling in love, the film boldly and delightfully challenges the battered stereotypes of our society. The formation of this new community advises a sensational but wise suggestion to our society. Even though they seems a bunch of “immature adults”, at the beginning, turns out they are the true “adults” that we admire for today who can be confident and emotionally honest about their love and choices. (Kani KIM)


셀마 빌루넨


Vilhunen is director, screenwriter and co-founder of Tuffi Films. Her first short film Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? (2012) received an Oscar nomination in 2014. Her feature film Little Wing (2016) and Hobbyhorse Revolution (2017) has been screened in several film festival. Her youth drama Stupid Young Heart (2018) won the Crystal Bear at the 2019 Berlinale.


Screenplay Selma VILHUNEN
Cinematographer Juice HUHTALA
Editor Antti REIKKO
Sound Lotta MÄKI
Production Design Sattva-Hanna TOIVIAINEN