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You'll Never Find Me

Josiah ALLEN , Indianna BELL|Australia|2023|99min |Asian Premiere |18+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
446 7/2  20:00 - 21:39 CGV Sopung 11 18
825 7/6  16:30 - 18:09 CGV Sopung 5 18 GV
446 7/2  20:00 - 21:39CGV Sopung 11
825 7/6  16:30 - 18:09CGV Sopung 5
18  GV

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Program Note

A sharp and twisted contained thriller featuring outstanding central performances from Jordan Cowan and Brendan Rock. An isolated man living in the back of a desolate caravan park is visited by a desperate young woman seeking shelter from a violent storm. As the savage storm worsens, these solitary souls begin to feel threatened- but who should really be afraid? A bold directorial debut from the filmmaking duo Josiah Allen & Indianna Bell.

Program Note

On an extremely rainy night, a soaking young woman knocks on a stranger’s door in an RV park, looking for somewhere to shelter. She is let in by a kind, lonely older man living alone in an RV. Slowly, curiosity and paranoia towards one another consume both, while stranded in a blistering thunderstorm. As questions about each other escalate, the boiling tension leads to an emotional showdown, which may or may not be real.
An impressive feature directorial debut by Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen, You’ll Never Find Me entices audiences right from the start, with anxiety and uncertainty between the two leads in a confined space. Superbly performed by Jordan Cowan as the woman and Brendan Rock as the old man, each question the motives of one other, and their heightened paranoia effectively carries the audience throughout the film, to an unexpected and shocking ending. (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


조시아 앨런

Josiah ALLEN

Josiah ALLEN is an emerging director and editor from South Australia. Alongside Indianna Bell, he co-founded Stakeout Films and has co-directed various short films, music videos, and commercials. Their film Safe Space (2019) was a Tropfest Finalist and won awards at the South Australian Screen Awards. Their film Call Connect (2019) played at international film festivals and won 'Best Narrative Short Film' at the Austin Film Festival.
인디아나 벨

Indianna BELL

Indianna BELL is an accomplished writer and director based in Adelaide, Australia. She co-founded Stakeout Films and has directed short films and commercials. Her work has received recognition, including winning awards at the South Australian Screen Awards and the Austin Film Festival. Indianna also advocates for autism awareness and has authored a children's book titled Quirky Quentin.


Producer Indianna BELL, Josiah ALLEN, Jordan COWAN
Screenplay Indianna BELL
Cinematographer Maxx CORKINDALE
Editor Josiah ALLEN
Music Darren LIM
Production Design Hannah SITTERS
Cast Brendan ROCK, Jordan COWAN, Elena CARAPETIS