Adrenaline Ride

Rock-a-bye Baby

LE Binh Giang|Vietnam|2023|96min |World Premiere |18+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
344 7/1  20:00 - 21:36 CGV Sopung 11 18 GV
525 7/3  16:30 - 18:06 CGV Sopung 6 18 GV
701 7/5  10:30 - 12:06 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 18
344 7/1  20:00 - 21:36CGV Sopung 11
18  GV
525 7/3  16:30 - 18:06CGV Sopung 6
18  GV
701 7/5  10:30 - 12:06Bucheon City Hall Main Theater

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Program Note

A Vblogger is on the way of indentify the murderer who killed his parents by reconstructing three shocking murder cases in Vietnam, he found the commonalities between his parents' case and these three cases. At one point, he discovered that all the stories had a clue related to the fetus. And the killer who killed his parents is actually the person who has a very close relationship with him.

Program Note

Tran Long, an influencer who runs an internet broadcasting channel called “Memory of Murder”, infiltrates actual crime scenes to reveal three murder stories to his subscribers. The stories revolve around men who have committed heinous crimes, including a man who murdered not only his beloved woman, but also his parents, a man who infiltrated a family-run jewelry store and killed the entire household, and a man who, trapped in gambling debt, who sought help from his ex-girlfriend but was rejected, leading him to commit murder. The narrative unfolds, traversing the boundary between internet broadcasting and reality. Opening with a subtitle declares that it is based on true events, Rock-a-bye Baby showcases a disturbing level of violence, using murder cases involving psychologically twisted men as alibis. Reflecting the social landscape of contemporary society, saturated with social media and internet broadcasting, the film provides a hint of critical satire towards the modern media environment, where even brutal violence can be consumed as sensational entertainment, alongside the allure of the gore genre. This is the latest work by Vietnamese director Le Binh Giang, who previously showcased his film KFC at BIFAN 2017. (CHO Jaewhee)


레 빈 지앙

LE Binh Giang

Born 1990, he graduated from the Tokyo Talent Campus 2016, studied there as a alumni of workshop for young talent Asian film directors. His directorial debut KFC (2017) grabs attention internationally and selected for Rotterdam Film Festival and other renowned film festival. He occupies a unique position in Vietnamese independent cinema as a pioneer of genre films and representative speaker on social issues of Vietnam.


Producer LE Binh Giang
Screenplay LE Binh Giang
Cinematographer Cong Minh TRANG
Editor Hang THAN
Sound Vincent VILLA
Cast Phong TRAN, Vi HUU, Max BI