Adrenaline Ride

Memory of Water

Saara SAARELA|Finland, Germany, Norway|2022|101min |Asian Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
330 7/1  16:30 - 18:11 CGV Sopung 6 15 GV
538 7/3  20:00 - 21:41 CGV Sopung 10 15 GV
330 7/1  16:30 - 18:11CGV Sopung 6
15  GV
538 7/3  20:00 - 21:41CGV Sopung 10
15  GV

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Program Note

In a waterless world of the future, Noria becomes the village’s Tea Master following the traditions of her deceased father and inheriting a secret truth that has been hidden for a long time. The young woman must wield her quiet strength as a compass along a dangerous journey for her people's survival.

Program Note

Finnish author Emmi Itäranta’s same titled novel has been brought to the screen. In a future society, where the military controls water due to severe scarcity, Noria discovers a secret clue in her father’s bequest: he was a “Tea Master”, soothing the thirst of people’s bodies and minds. Amidst strict military surveillance, her gaze lingers on the people suffering and oppressed by the water shortage and the military dictatorship. Today, the crisis of climate change becomes increasingly precarious with each passing season. The sense of urgency this film conveys cannot be viewed as just a scene from a science fiction movie, and this heightens the tension. What can truly be done with this secret? As Noria delves deeper into this dilemma, she must answer the question of “whether people will only clash more or help each other in the face of this secret”. Memory of Water asks us all what kind of hope we can extend. (Rhana JANG)


사아라 사렐라


Graduated in Film Studies from the University of Paris 8 and as a film director from Helsinki Film School. Since 2001 she has directed short films, television series and films. The feature Twisted Roots (2009) received the Prize of Best World Cinema feature in Indianapolis Intl Film Festival in 2010.


Producer Misha JAARI, Mark LWOFF
Screenplay Ilja RAUTSI
Author of the Original Work Emmi ITÄRANTA
Cinematographer Kjell LAGERROOS
Production Design Otso LINNALAAKSO