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Fatih AKIN|Germany, Netherlands, Morocco, Mexico|2022|138min |Korean Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
532 7/3  19:30 - 21:48 Korea Manhwa Museum 15
811 7/6  13:30 - 15:48 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 15
532 7/3  19:30 - 21:48Korea Manhwa Museum
811 7/6  13:30 - 15:48Bucheon City Hall Main Theater

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Program Note

From the hell of an Iraqi prison, Giwar Hajabi came to Germany as a young boy with his family in the mid-1980s and landed at the very bottom. There were opportunities, but many more stumbling blocks. In no time, he went from a petty criminal to a big-time dealer. Until a shipment goes missing. To settle his debts with the cartel, Giwar plans a legendary gold heist.

Program Note

Fatih Akin, a German of Turkish descent, is famous for turning the lives of immigrants in Germany into films, such as Short Sharp Shock (1998) and The Edge of Heaven (2007). Rhinegold focuses on the eventful life of Hajabi, who is of Kurdish origin and immigrates to Germany. Haji escapes Iraq and settles in Germany due to his famous musician father. However, due to discord with his father, he turns to drug dealing instead of music and gains influence while planning a gold heist. The title briefly appears in the play as a performance of Wagner’s Das Rheingold, when Hajabi’s father tells him, “What leads you to immortality is gold”. Hajabi’s attempt to steal the gold, however, leads to him prison. Was his father’s advice just empty words? No. For him, the gold that turns his life around was “music”. This multi-faceted biopic proves again Akin’s mastery in storyteeling and cinematic style. (HUH Namwoong)


파티 아킨

Fatih AKIN

Fatih AKIN, an internationally successful filmmaker, won the Golden Bear with his film Head On (2004). The Edge of Heaven (2007) received the Best Script award at the Cannes Film Festival. His subsequent film Soul Kitchen (2009) won the Special Award of the Jury at the Venice Film Festival. In the Fade (2017) received the Golden Globe for best foreign language film and The Golden Glove (2019) premiered in competition at the Berlinale.


Producer Nurhan ŞEKERCI-PORST, Fatih AKIN, Herman WEIGEL
Screenplay Fatih AKIN, Giwar HAJABI
Cinematographer Rainer KLAUSMANN
Editor Andrew BIRD
Sound Joern MARTENS
Music Giwar HAJABI
Production Design Tim PANNEN