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Life of Mariko in Kabukicho

UCHIDA Eiji , KATAYAMA Shinzo|Japan|2022|117min |Korean Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
530 7/3  19:30 - 21:27 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 12 GV
1103 7/9  10:30 - 12:27 Korea Manhwa Museum 12
530 7/3  19:30 - 21:27Bucheon City Hall Main Theater
12  GV
1103 7/9  10:30 - 12:27Korea Manhwa Museum

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Program Note

Mariko is tending a small bar in Shinjuku, serving a variety of people from Kabukicho. Some of them are hostess who is obsessed with a nightclub guy or even twin sisters covertly act as contract killer. On a sideline, Mariko is working as a detective and one day the FBI visits her to ask for a secret investigation to search for an alien. When she embarks on it with help from her aides, she never knows that it will end up with confronting her tragic past.

Program Note

Mariko, a bartender at Karl Mohl, a small bar with a loyal following, also runs a detective agency. One day she gets a call from the FBI. They want her to find a captured alien and a missing scientist. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a standard comic sci-fi thriller, as the two genre geniuses, whose filmography reminds me of a professional wrestling heel combo, seem determined to shatter “the clumsy female detective narrative” that relies on screaming and leaning on anyone. Ayaka is a hostess obsessed with the love of her host. Shigemi, who worries that her sister, who works as public official and tends to get hooked easily by her hopeless former yakuza lover, Tosuka, who works as a love hotel cleaner while waiting for his runaway daughter, while Masaya is a docile Iga-ryu Ninja. They all seem pathetic characters with secrets of their own, in a story told through the maze of neon-lit alleyways of a kabukicho, with the ultimate kitsch sensibility. (HONG Sanghyun)


우치다 에이지


Born in Brazil, he worked as a magazine-reporter before turning to the film industry. He earned international recognition by directing Netflix series The Naked Director (2019), awarded multiple time with Midnight Swan (2020).
카타야마 신조


After being found by the director NAKAYAMA Kenji, he associates with Korean director BONG Joon-Ho by Mother (2009). Other works are his debut feature Siblings on the cape (2018) and thriller film Missing (2021).


Producer SUGAYA Hidetomo, FUJII Koji , OZEKI Zen
Screenplay YAMADA Yoshitatsu, UCHIDA Eiji, KATAYAMA Shinzo
Cinematographer KISHI Kentaro
Editor KOMINO Masashi
Sound TAIRA Naoki
Production Design MATSUZUKA Takashi
Cast ITO Sairi, TAKENOUCHI Yutaka