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Four’s a Crowd

Álex de la IGLESIA|Spain|2022|99min |Asian Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
203 6/30  10:30 - 12:09 Korea Manhwa Museum 15
528 7/3  17:00 - 18:39 CGV Sopung 10 15
203 6/30  10:30 - 12:09Korea Manhwa Museum
528 7/3  17:00 - 18:39CGV Sopung 10

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Program Note

At his 50 Julian, divorced and with a cash problem, uses an app to share car to travel Madrid. Falling in love with Lorena, an usual passenger, his troubles start when in a travel two strangers join with them.

Program Note

Julian, a middle-aged divorced man, uses a car-sharing app to add a little extra to his life. As he prepares for his usual route to Madrid, he dreams of a romance with his secret crush, Lorena. However, his plans take a twist when two male passengers join the ride. Julian, Lorena, the irritating Rodrigo, and the handsome wanderer, Sergio, embark on a journey that unfolds in unexpected ways.
Four’s a Crowd the latest film by renowned Spanish genre filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia, presents a genuine comedy that showcases his mastery. During his active productions of horror films and series, the director drops a classic comedy featuring mischievous jokes, fast-paced dialogue, and a brilliant ensemble of characters, blending laughter with heartfelt emotions. (Jin PARK)


알렉스 드 라 이글레시아

Álex de la IGLESIA

Born in Bilbao, Spain 1945. Álex made his feature debut with a cult hit Mutant Action (1993) and gained a global fame with The Day of the Beast (1995) winning countless global awards. His other film credits include Common wealth (2000), Perfect Crime (2004), The Last Circus (2010), Wiching and Bithcing (2013) and The Bar (2017).


Producer Ghislain BARROIS, Alvaro AUGUSTIN, Álex de la IGLESIA
Cinematographer Rita NORIEGA
Editor Óscar REDONDO
Music Roque BAÑOS
Cast Alberto SAN JUAN, Blanca SUÁREZ, Ernesto ALTERIO