Korean Fantastic: Shorts 1


AN E Seul|Korea|2022|25min |World Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
328 7/1  16:30 - 17:53 CGV Sopung 4 15 GV
516 7/3  14:00 - 15:23 CGV Sopung 8 15 GV
710 7/5  11:00 - 12:23 CGV Sopung 11 15
328 7/1  16:30 - 17:53CGV Sopung 4
15  GV
516 7/3  14:00 - 15:23CGV Sopung 8
15  GV
710 7/5  11:00 - 12:23CGV Sopung 11

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Program Note

'Yoon-il' proves his unwavering love to 'Hana' by cutting off his ear, and sets out to keep cut ear safely stored. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they encounter a man who, like Yoon-il, has also cut off his ear.

Program Note

Love certainly exists, but it has no form. How can we keep intangible love forever? The torn-off ear of a man, taken as a token of love, begins to darken as the lover searches for a place to keep it. Love, like the detached ear, can exist not as something separate, but as a natural connection, revealing a profound lesson through grotesque imagination and chilling sensibility. (SONG Eunji)



AN E Seul

E Seul finds herself captivated by things that are more sticky and gloomy, akin to a flytrap, rather than something as delicate as a dandelion. She directed an occult short film Randa(2020), which received invitations to various international film festivals.