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Tiger Stripes

Amanda Nell EU|Malaysia|2022|95min |Korean Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
313 7/1  13:30 - 15:05 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 12 GV
821 7/6  16:30 - 18:05 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 12
313 7/1  13:30 - 15:05Bucheon City Hall Main Theater
12  GV
821 7/6  16:30 - 18:05Bucheon City Hall Main Theater

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Program Note

Zaffan struggles with puberty, discovering a terrifying secret about her physical self. Her failed attempts to conceal the inevitable lead her friends to find out who she really is, and Zaffan attacked by them. As Zaffan is further enraged by her own community, she soon learns that embracing her true self is the only answer to her freedom.

Program Note

Zaffan, a rebellious and optimistic twelve-year-old girl, spends her school days with her two friends, Farah and Mariam. One day, Zaffan goes through a difficult physical transformation that is hard to accept, and she struggles to keep this change hidden from her schoolmates. As the transformation progresses, Zaffan faces bullying and attacks from her peers. The confrontation between Zaffan and the girls intensifies, leading these teenage girls to experience seizures and fall into a collective state of hysteria. As Zaffan becomes the prime suspect for all this, what fate awaits her?
This meticulously planned and highly accomplished project won an award at the 2019 NAFF Project Market. After that, it was developed through numerous labs and markets, with the collaboration of partners from around the world, resulting in this astonishing debut work. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival’s Critics’ Week, receiving critical acclaim and winning Grand Prix. The vibrant performances of the teenage girls in the lead roles are highly impressive. The connection between female empowerment and transformation becomes evident, creating a seamless blend of theme and genre. (Ellen Y. D. KIM)


아만다 넬 유

Amanda Nell EU

Born in 1985, Malaysia. She studied film from the London Film School, and her short film Easier to Raise Cattle (2017) drew attentions when it was screened numerous international film festival including International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand. Her debut feature, Tiger Stripes was an award-winning work at the B.I.G program NAFF of BIFAN, and was awarded Grand Prize of Critics’ Week of 2023 Cannes Film Festival.


Producer FOO Fei Ling, Patrick Mao HUANG, Fran BORGIA
Screenplay Amanda Nell EU
Cinematographer Jimmy GIMFERRER
Editor Carlo Francisco MANATAD
Sound LIM Ting Li
Production Design Sharon CHIN
Cast Zafreen ZAIRIZAL, Deena EZRAL, Piqa