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Karoline LYNGBYE|Denmark|2023|105min |Asian Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
432 7/2  17:00 - 18:45 CGV Sopung 9 15
831 7/6  19:30 - 21:15 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 15 GV
1003 7/8  10:30 - 12:15 Korea Manhwa Museum 15
432 7/2  17:00 - 18:45CGV Sopung 9
831 7/6  19:30 - 21:15Bucheon City Hall Main Theater
15  GV
1003 7/8  10:30 - 12:15Korea Manhwa Museum

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Program Note

The creative couple Stine and Teit and their young son Nemo leave their urban life in Copenhagen behind in favour of an isolated forest in Sweden, where they hope to find themselves as individuals while documenting their new lifestyle in an ongoing podcast series. Regretfully, they realise there is another couple across the lake, which is surprisingly alike themselves. Soon, old grudges and selfish desires begin to take over, forcing them to confront their own egos.

Program Note

After leaving behind their city life in Copenhagen, the couple Stine and Teit, along with their son Nemo, migrate to a secluded Swedish countryside village to focus on writing novels and producing podcasts. Their peaceful creative life in the countryside, where it feels like only the three of them exist, begins to crack when another identical couple emerges from across the lake. As tension mounts, Stine and Teit’s forgotten past resurfaces. Karoline Lyngbye’s feature debut, Superposition, showcases a fresh approach to the frequently used theme of doppelgängers in genre films. The mirror image of another couple that Stine and Teit experience is not just a supernatural source of horror or a manifestation of unconscious desires, but rather a visual and psychological anatomy of their own identities and the intimate relationship of marriage. The meticulously crafted images captured on camera, seemingly reflect the film’s psychology, along with the restrained yet powerful performances of the actors, which also stand out. (Jin PARK)


카롤린 링비

Karoline LYNGBYE

Studied directing at the National Film School of Denmark. Directed a short film Undercurrent (2008), selected for Aarhus Film Festival, praised at Talent Film Festival. Directed and wrote Pointy Elbows, Bleeding Knees (2013), nominated for a “Robert” and selected for Odense Film Festival.


Producer Amalie LYNGBO QUIST
Screenplay Karoline LYNGBYE, Mikkel BAK SØRENSEN
Cinematographer Sine VADSTRUP BROOKER
Editor Jakob JUUL TOLDAM
Music Pessi LEVANTO
Production Design Silje AUNE DAMMEN