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Batdelger BYAMBASUREN|Mongolia|2023|95min |International Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
301 7/1  10:30 - 12:05 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 12 GV
635 7/4  19:30 - 21:05 CGV Sopung 5 12 GV
301 7/1  10:30 - 12:05Bucheon City Hall Main Theater
12  GV
635 7/4  19:30 - 21:05CGV Sopung 5
12  GV

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Program Note

At the boarding school for privileged kids, a group of unlikely friends is trying to cheat on the final exam. But the only thing they encounter is unexpected truth and ensuing inevitable violence that follows.

Program Note

A boarding school with an unusual curriculum holds classes at night, based on neuroscience research showing that human concentration is maximized at night. Garid, the son of the prosecutor general, and his friends, Jirgee and Yavuu, and Enerel, an honors student, are about to take a law exam, when they come face to face with the truth behind the boarding school.
Disorder is a genre film that utilizes many of the conventions of the horror genre, such as isolated and closed spaces, scientists with hidden madness and malice, and teenagers as scapegoats. Without relying on the horror of supernatural elements, the film maintains the tension of suspense through the oppressive order that crushes the students’ individuality, the atmosphere of the darkened space, and the mystery structure, while also attempting to become a kind of allegory for education in the modern world. One of the rare examples of a Mongolian film that offers a glimpse into the genre maturation of contemporary Mongolian cinema. (CHO Jaewhee)


바트델게르 비암바수렌


Born in 1988, Uvs province of Mongolia. Since his childhood, he had been constantly exposed to atmosphere of artistic family which influenced him to decided his life path to become an actor and director while he had studied in the children’s art club at the theatre. Then his pursuit of knowledge lingers on while majoring as a director at Mongolian University of Art and Culture. After start his career as an assistant director in local theater, he will visit Bucheon with his debut feature, Disorder as the director.


Producer Tsogtbayar NAMSRAI, Tserentogtokh LKHAGVABAYAR
Screenplay Batdelger BYAMBASUREN
Cinematographer Guyenbaatar GANKHUYAG
Editor Undrakhbayar BATLKHAGVA
Sound Tserentogtokh LKHAGVABAYAR, Dulguuntuguldur BATNARAN
Music Sanchir BULGAN
Cast Bat-Erin MUNKHBAT, Nomin-Erdene ARIUNBYAMBA, Byambatsogt DASHNYAM