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Bad Education

Kai KO|Taiwan|2022|77min |Korean Premiere |18+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
413 7/2  13:30 - 14:47 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 18 GV
638 7/4  20:00 - 21:17 CGV Sopung 9 18
413 7/2  13:30 - 14:47Bucheon City Hall Main Theater
18  GV
638 7/4  20:00 - 21:17CGV Sopung 9

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Program Note

On the night of their high school graduation, three juvenile delinquents find themselves getting drunk at their regular hangout, throwing beer bottles and enjoying the abuse hurled at them by nearby residents. But for these young men about to enter a new chapter of life, this little bit of chaos is nowhere near enough to farewell their dying youth. Before dawn, they decide to share their deepest, darkest secret with one another. After all, only true “bros” are qualified to know their most unspeakable deed.

Program Note

Three teenagers, Chang, Wang, and Han, fresh out of high school, decide to share a deep, dark secret, hoping to forge a friendship that would last beyond graduation. As they compete to see who has committed the most heinous offense, their game of truth takes an unexpected turn when Wang raids a street gang in search of new secrets to share and memories to make.
The youth in Bad Education is a far cry from what we’ve come to expect from Taiwanese melodramas. The youth in this movie is just an immature brat who has no sense of good and evil, and is unaware of law and order and the fear of violence in the world to come. After a night of battling for their fragile egos and facing the horror of the world’s abyss, they come to understand that growing up comes at a price. You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011), actor, Kai Ko, goes to the opposite end of the spectrum of his acting career with Bad Education. (CHO Jaewhee)



Kai KO

Since winning Best New Performer at the Golden Horse Awards for You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011), Kai Ko developed into a versatile actor who has tackled various genre roles in recent years, including film Moneyboys (2021) and Till We Meet Again (2021). He has built a high profile and strong fan base in Chinese-speaking regions while he developed new directing perspective in The Road to Mandalay (2016) with director Midi Z.


Producer Molly FANG, KO Yao-Zong, Giddens KO
Screenplay Giddens KO
Cinematographer CHEN Ta-Pu
Editor SHIEH Meng-Ju, LEE Huey
Sound R.T. KAO
Music WONG Kin-Wai
Production Design Sunny WU
Cast Kent TSAI, Berant ZHU, Edison SONG