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NAKANISHI Mai|Taiwan, Japan|2021|22min |Korean Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
225 7/8  16:30 - 18:02 CGV Sopung 5 15 GV
704 7/13  10:30 - 12:02 CGV Sopung 5 15 GV
225 7/8  16:30 - 18:02CGV Sopung 5
15  GV
704 7/13  10:30 - 12:02CGV Sopung 5
15  GV

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Program Note

A striving actress is invited to a mysterious dinner by her rival. Beautiful and successful women are waiting for her in the luxurious dining room, but the food they prepare is disgusting and inedible. She eventually realizes that it is a ruse to trap her. Swallow is a shrewd thriller exploring the human desire and obsession with youth and beauty.


나카니시 마이


Born in Tokyo but spent most of her youth abroad, Mai Nakanishi is a filmmaker whose work focuses on genre films with particular emphasis on horror. Her directorial debut HANA (2018), a supernatural horror short which was shot entirely in South Korea was invited to over 30 film festivals including Sitges, Bifan and Mumbai Film Festival, winning multiple awards. In 2019, she won the Korean Award at Bifan's It project market with her feature project HANA which is currently in development.