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Bird Woman

OOHARA Tokio|Japan|2022|21min |World Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
227 7/8  17:00 - 18:35 CGV Sopung 8 18 GV
729 7/13  17:00 - 18:35 CGV Sopung 11 18 GV
227 7/8  17:00 - 18:35CGV Sopung 8
18  GV
729 7/13  17:00 - 18:35CGV Sopung 11
18  GV

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Program Note

Toki is fed up with the men on the Tokyo subway molesting her with their faces masked. One morning, Toki gets on the train wearing a bird mask to punish men. Her actions immediately go viral, and many women begin to imitate her. The director portrays a serious social issue and women’s solidarity against male violence in a witty and thoughtful way. (LEE Dongyun)


오오하라 토키오


Tokio Oohara lives in Tokyo. She is an autodidact filmmaker with an interest in womens social stories. She made shorts and an experimental feature and studied the intriguing cinema world of French master Jacques Rivette. And what makes her unique is that she is also an actor herself. Independent cinema guild Japan 'Eiga-nabe' active member since 2013.