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The Hunt of the Unicorn

France|2021|24min |Asian Premiere |

  • 스릴러


Elias is depressed, so he gets out of the city and goes to a villa in the mountains with his friends. These millennials enjoy the first day in the mansion but discover something grotesque in the woods late at night. The Hunt of the Unicorn develops into a mysterious drama that comforts the dark shadow and deep sadness of a teenage boy. (Gina KANG)


빅토르 트리필리프


A young artist from the experimental music scene, Victor Triflieff began writing and directing in 2016 through music videos and then short advertising films that won numerous festival awards. His first short fiction film, Libera Me(2019) was awarded Best Director at the Lille European Film Festival and at Paris Court Devant. Les Curiosités du Mal is his second short film, and he is currently developing his first feature-length film, Konoyo, selected at the genre SoFilm Residence of 2020.

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