BIFAN x wavve Online Screening Shorts


UK|2021|14min |Asian Premiere |

  • SF
  • 블랙 코미디
  • 스릴러


Jenny and Tom install the latest smart security system 'Aria'. Tom feels as if someone is hanging around outside the front door every night, but Aria just says the house is protected safely. What if the housekeeper AI isn't on your side? The film is a new concept of IT horror depicting the horrors of the security system. (Gina KANG)


크리스토퍼 풀

Christopher POOLE

Christopher Poole is a comedy director from London. He studied Television Production in Bournemouth and Toronto and has worked in British TV comedy since. He has also worked in commercials; directing comedy projects for brands like PlayStation, Samsung and Huawei.

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