BIFAN x wavve Online Screening Shorts


Honduras|2021|8min |Asian Premiere |

  • 깜짝놀람
  • 엑소시즘


When her child doesn’t go to bed until late at night, his mother warns him that a witch will visit him. However, he ignores his mother’s warning and stays up late. Suddenly he finds himself with difficult choices to make, choices given by a witch that night. Beuja takes a spooky story passed down the generations about a witch and turns it into a vivid nightmare. (Gina KANG)


세사르 양


César Liang was born in China and moved to Honduras at a very early age. His goal as a filmmaker is to create films in his country Honduras and show them throughout the world so that people from every corner can see the capacity and talent that the country can offer. 

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