BIFAN x wavve Online Screening Shorts


Australia|2020|17min |Asian Premiere |

  • 유령
  • 가족
  • 매직


Raymond’s father, who was suffering from a mental illness, set fire to his house as he believed it was haunted. Both he and his wife died in the fire. 20 years later, Raymond receives a call about the neglected house being demolished, so he goes to visit his hometown with his young son. Though he thought his father was a lunatic, Raymond finally sees with his own eyes what his father saw in the ruins of the house. 


캐서린 체디아크 퍼트넘


Katherine Chediak Putnam is an emerging Brazilian director and one half of wife and husband writing team with Australian screenwriter Dean W Law. The couples’ films attempt to bring to life genre stories with personal relevance enriched by their multicultural experience. Their 2018 short Stray was nominated for an Australian Writers’ Guild Award before playing some of the world’s most celebrated genre festivals, including Sitges, Brussels, Monster Fest and San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, where it was awarded Best Short Film. 

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