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The Shepherd

Russia|2021|10min |Asian Premiere |

  • SF
  • 코미디
  • 외계인


A battleship from space crashes into the office of the main character, who works overtime every day on numerous reports. The extraterrestrial invaders, who have plans to conquer the Earth, demand that the protagonist cooperates, and he readily responds to the proposal with the expectation that he can finally end his tedious career. The film is a brazen blend of the science fiction genre and office comedy.


일리야 플류스닌


Ilya Plyusnin received the higher economy education, but since his school years he began shooting small film sketches and did some game development. Computer gaming turned into his work, while he established the amateur film studio “1st River” with his friend. The Shepherd is the third film of 1st River and Ilya’s directorial debut. 

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starhalf_star 8.50