The Memory of LEE Choon-yun

The Terror, LIVE

Korea|2013|98min | |

  • 밀실
  • 재난
  • 가족
Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
1001 7/11  13:30 City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F) 15
1001 7/11  13:30City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)

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Yoon Young-hwa, once a top national news anchor, gets demoted to radio news. One day, a call comes in during his radio show threatening to blow up Mapo Bridge. While it is brushed off as a prank call, the bridge ends up getting blown to pieces. To get his career back on track, Yoon tries to grab an exclusive live broadcast. The terrorist demands a hefty sum in exchange and the exclusive gets aired. 



KIM Byungwoo

Kim Byungwoo majored in Film Directing at HanYang Univ. His first feature Anamorphic(2003) was invited to BIFAN. His second feature film Written(2007) was screened at various film festivals such as Stockholm and Sao Paulo. The Terror, LIVE was a big summer hit, earning plaudits for its star and clever script. His fourth film was an action thriller, Take Point(2018). 


Producer LEE Choon-yun, CHUN Roy Kyoung
Screenplay KIM Byungwoo
Cinematographer BYUN Bongsun
Editor KIM Changju
Sound KIM Suk-won, PARK Joo-kang
Music LEE Juno
Production Design KIM Si-yong
Cast HA Jungwoo, LEE Kyungyoung, JEON Hyejin

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