Fantastic Short Films 16 - Erick Oh Special Screening


Korea, USA|2015|4min |

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313 7/11  13:30 CGV Sopung 9 G EVENT
313 7/11  13:30CGV Sopung 9

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O is a short animated film that illustrates the passage of time and the creation of the universe.  Animation and music support each other to guide the audience to follow the progression of life from chaos to control which is beautifully interpreted by artists' own vision.


에릭 오

Erick OH

With his background in fine art from Seoul National University and film from UCLA, Erick Oh worked as an animator at Pixar Animation Studios from 2010 to 2016. His films have been presented and awarded at numerous film festivals. His animated short installation project, Opera(2020), for which he received an Oscar® nomination for Best Animated Short in 2021.

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