Fantastic Short Films 12

The Weather Is Lovely

China|2020|15min |Korean Premiere |

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Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
432 7/12  20:00 CGV Sopung 11 G GV
709 7/15  13:30 CGV Sopung 4 G
432 7/12  20:00CGV Sopung 11
709 7/15  13:30CGV Sopung 4

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How will the weather be made? Claude, a cloud maker accidentally drops a cloud machine while working and Yin, a weather scientist, happens to pick it up. Touching this and that out of curiosity, she presses the wrong button to create thunderclouds, which soon begin to turn into a terrifying cloud monster. A cozy and pretty animated fairy tale that goes on an adventure in search of clouds. (Gina KANG)



LIEN Chunchien

Lien Chunchien has worked as an art director at renowned companies including AT&T and Imaginary Forces. Over 27 years of working experience in motion medium, he has won numerous awards. His first animated short film Reboot was selected in Onedotzero_Adventures in Motion International Festival, 2010. He started developing original animated IP since 2016, and his animated feature Cloud Maker project was selected in Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion 2017. He co-worked his musical animated short series MuseNiTo with a French animation studio Play Big. 

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