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Don't Answer

Finland|2020|9min |International Premiere |

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Don’t Answer is a folk horror with a fantastic mood based on a Finnish folktale. The film follows a traveler’s long and lonely journey with beautiful songs as a backdrop. The man walks in the wild forest alone and makes eye contact with a man dressed in black, but those eyes don’t come from this world. (Gina KANG)


아르투리 로스텐

Artturi ROSTÉN

Artturi Rosten is a director, editor and producer. Graduated from the study program of Film & Television at Turku University of Applied Sciences. He has directed about a dozen short films, several music video productions, and three feature films.
사라 니에미넨


Sara Nieminen graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences.  She has worked in many film productions and works as a video editor in the commercial field. Don’t Answer is her directorial debut film. 

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