Strange Hommage

Grudge of the Sleepwalking Woman

Korea|1983|83min | |

  • 괴물
  • 스릴러
Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
202 7/10  11:00 City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F) 12
202 7/10  11:00City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)

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There has been a series of gruesome murders in Taipei. The only lead is snake bite marks on the victims. During the investigation, Detective Ko meets reporter Lee Ok-jung and falls in love. However, Detective Ko soon notices that she is keeping another secret, but he proceeds with the case anyway.



Gang Beomgu

Born in Hwanghae-do in 1924. He worked as a cinematographer before making his directorial debut with Polaris in 1962. His major works include When Black Flowers Fade(1963) Foggy Street(1963) The Border Between Russia & Manchuria(1964), A Love and Lust at the Cave(1964), A Rescue Order(1966), A Great Hero(1974), Tower of Death(1980), A Monstrous Corpse(1980) and so on. 


Producer CHUNG Jinwoo, CHAN Lulu, YU Young-mu
Screenplay JU Dong-un
Cinematographer SON Hyeon-chae
Editor HYEON Dong-chun
Sound LEE Jae-woong, Kim Kyeong-il
Music HAN Jin-guk
Cast MOON Tai-sun, CHAN Ri-won, GUK Jeong-suk, SUPINS Tui, MOON Mi-bong

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starfull_star 10.00