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Fumble Studio

Korea|2020|56min |World Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
216 7/10  14:00 CGV Sopung 11 G GV
509 7/13  14:00 City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F) G
216 7/10  14:00CGV Sopung 11
509 7/13  14:00City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)

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The ‘Fumble Studio’, featuring 8 short films tied together, was created between 2013~2020. There are works that are created after organizing the exact scenario and stories that are constructed while creating the works. Most are about contradictions, stress and hypocrisy that have been experienced while working. After all, It was all about me.



BAE Yoonhwan

Born in 1983. Majored in western painting in college. Starting with the Revolving Stage, he was into works of stop animation. His epic work, which begins with personal experience, tends to be more fragmented just like the character of the short film than consistency of topics. Self-portait was selected for the ‘Art Basel Hong Kong’ film section. The latest work is Lobster Quadrille in 2020. The issues that he is most interested in these days are the relationship between Earth and work and garbage.


Producer BAE Yoonhwan
Screenplay BAE Yoonhwan
Cinematographer BAE Yoonhwan
Editor AHN Jaeyoung, KWON Hyewon, LEE Yongei, LEE Doori
Sound MOON Jaehong, BAE Yoonhwan
Music Bae Yoonhwan, free Sound
Production Design BAE Yoonhwan
Cast BAE Yoonhwan

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