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China|2020|91min |World Premiere |

  • 섹스
  • 성기노출
  • 누드
  • 액션
Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
209 7/10  13:30 City Hall, Main Theater(2F) 18 ON
406 7/12  11:00 CGV Sopung 9 18
209 7/10  13:30City Hall, Main Theater(2F)
18 ON
406 7/12  11:00CGV Sopung 9

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Working in Beijing, Mengzi and Yaoyao are in a relationship. One day, when Mengzi found out that Yaoyao was missing, he caused a disturbance at a hair salon where Yaoyao used to work. The boss of the salon gathered a group of gang members and hunted him down. Mengzi realized that his right hand could be a gun and decided to take vengeance and look for Yaoyao…



LV Huizhou

Born in Nanjing, China. A graduate of Nanjing Normal University’s Academy of Fine Arts, Lv made TV commercials, Music Videos and documentaries. In 2010, his feature debut film A Beautiful Mistake was invited to the 15th Busan International Film Festival. His filmography includes One Step Away(2011), Her Father His Father(2012) and Discovery documentary Wa People (2013-15). Pistol is his second feature film. 


Producer LI Gala
Screenplay LV Huizhou
Cinematographer CHEN Jingfang, WU De
Editor ZHU Jolin
Sound WANG Zhouyuan
Production Design Teddy MAK
Cast ZHANG Yu, WANG Zhen’er, HOU Xiang

Star Rating full_starfull_starhalf_starempty_starempty_star 4.25