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Program Note

Ray is a dimwit middle-aged man who takes a job as a ‘cabler’ to care for his little brother Jamie. His job is to lay down the cable through a mysterious forest and connecting it to a “quantum box,” the world’s new computing system. Hostilities follow when other cablers see Ray has black-market medallion previously owned by ‘Lapsis,’ but with help from Anna, he gets familiar with his job and ultimately discovers the mystery behind ‘Lapsis’ and the sinister agenda behind his work.

Noah Hutton is a renowned documentarian whose dramatic feature debut Lapsis is a splendid metaphor with dark humor on the corporate’s exploitive nature of capitalism. Regardless of change in technology, consumers will still flock to the company store; we’re just as confused as Ray on how the whole thing works and companies rely on that to make their profits. Lapsis is a bold statement on frenzied gig economy and misdeed of big corporations, with great performances from Dean Imperial as Ray and Madeline Wise as Anna. (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


노아 허튼


Noah Hutton directed the award-winning documentary features Deep Time (2015), and Crude Independence (2009). His upcoming documentary In Silico is a critical look at a decade of neuroscience. Noah received the Jacob Burns Film Center's 2015 New Lens Award.


Producer Jesse Miller, Joseph Varca, Taylor Hess
Screenplay Noah Hutton
Cinematographer Mike Gomes
Editor Noah Hutton
Sound Josh Heilbronner
Music Noah Hutton
Production Design Alexander Linde
Cast Dean Imperial, Madeline Wise, Babe Howard

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