World Fantastic Blue


Denmark, USA|2019 |107min |Asian Premiere |

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Program Note

The billboard at the entrance to Gutterbee, the small town in the western United States, is "the capital of the Western Cabaret." Unfortunately, the sight of the city is the opposite of the phrase. Gutterbee seems like a bleak low budget western movie set far from civilization. Mike, who has just been released from jail and is returning to Gutterbee. He joins the sausage restaurant business with Edward, moved into the village. They suffered from Jimmy's disturbance, the only entertainer in the town, and a savage racist.

Gutterbee shows a ridiculous obsession, and a disturbance occurred by a geek and a stubborn person. The film is a comical fable from our point of view of people that can't be hated. The scenery of a typical small town in the western United States juxtaposes the appearance of characters in disarray, like laughing at all the values that Pax Americana aims for and makes an image of paradox. The film's attitude, reminiscent of a Danish Dogme 95, is a trace of famous Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen, who directed and wrote the film. (Jin PARK)


울리히 톰센


Born in Denmark in 1963. He, as an actor, has worked with many acclaimed European directors. He was nominated for the Best European Actor at the European Film Academy Awards with Festen (1998). He made his directorial debut with In Embryo (2016).


Producer Ulrich Thomsen
Screenplay Ulrich Thomsen
Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle
Editor Soren B. Ebbe, Ulrich Thomsen, Matthew Levy
Sound Hans Moller
Music George Kallis
Production Design Scott Christopher Clark
Cast Antony Starr, Ewen Bremner, W. Earl Brown
Sales Pro Tempore Film

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