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Spare Parts

Canada|2019 |86min |World Premiere |

  • 싸이코패스
  • 하드고어
  • 미녀
  • 액션
  • 걸 파워
Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
509 7/14  13:30 CGV Sopung 2 18
704 7/16  10:30 CGV Sopung 5 18
509 7/14  13:30CGV Sopung 2
704 7/16  10:30CGV Sopung 5

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Program Note

Members of female punk rock band engage in a rowdy brawl with local hoodlums during their gig and spend the night at auto repair shop while their van is being fixed. Upon awaking, they realize they are at junkyard arena and are mutated to be modern-day gladiators with mechanical parts replacing their limbs. Surrounded by blood-thirsty crowd and a local dictator named The Emperor, bloody battles ensue as they are in a survival of their lives and try to find the means to escape. 

Spare Parts is Andrew T. Hunt’s 2nd feature effort since his acclaimed 2009 Sweet Karma, as he pays the tribute to the 80’s dystopian action thrillers in convincing ways, i.e. a modern-day Gladiator. Set in an auto-wrecking yard, film’s atmosphere brings genuine apocalyptic suspense and fight sequences are well-choreographed and convincing. Members of Ms. 45, all-female punk band, endures physically demanding roles as they effectively bring the tension and the beauty throughout the film. This is a must for any B-movie fans of ample violence and gore. (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


앤드류 토마스 헌트

Andrew Thomas HUNT

Andrew Thomas Hunt is a writer, producer and director with over 25 years of industry experience. His feature debut Sweet Karma (2009) premiered at the 2009 Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. Recently He penned The Fight Machine


Producer Bruno Marino, Pasha Patriki
Screenplay David Murdoch, Svet Rouskov
Cinematographer Pasha Patriki
Editor Jake Thomas
Sound George Flores
Music Wade MacNeil, Andrew Gordon Macpherson
Production Design Vincent Moskowec
Cast Julian Richings, Michelle Argyris, Emily Alatalo
Sales Raven Banner Entertainment

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