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The Protector

Thailand|2019 |90min |Korean Premiere |

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Program Note

Middle-aged Khamgon, who works as a security guard, is friendly to his neighbors and does everything his wife tells him to. One day, a gunfight breaks out on his way home from buying noodles for his wife. He seems to be able to solve the problem while hiding his extraordinary abilities. However, behind the incident lies a plot to kidnap the president of a neighboring country. In the face of the mission expanding, he can no longer hide his skills.

The Protector is a new film in The Bodyguard series. As in previous films, Petchtai Wongkamlao plays the leading role to create dynamic action scenes. This is the first film that Pipat Jomkoh directed, having worked as a screenwriter with Vongkumlao on This Girl is Bad Ass. The Protector is a Thai comic action movie featuring unconventional villains and oddball humor. (Ellen Y. D. KIM)


파이팟 좀코


He started his film career as an assistant director for the Thai blockbuster Angulimala(2002). Since then, he has participated in many hit movies such as Yam Yasothorn 2(2009), This Girl is Bad Ass(2011), and Lord Bunlue(2018), as a screenwriter and assistant director. The Protector is his directorial debut. 


Producer Sanchai Engtrakul, Wanriya Lohanan
Screenplay Pipat Jomkoh, Phetthai Vongkumlao
Cinematographer Tiwa Moeithaisong
Cast Phetthai Vongkumlao, Preecha Chanapai, Thierry Mekwattana
Sales Korea Screen

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