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Korea|2020 |90min |Asian Premiere |

  • SF
  • 걸 파워
  • 스릴러

Program Note

Baek Jokyoung, a best-selling author, faces being socially stigmatized due to her unfortunate family history and the leaking of malicious illegal filming. On the day of premiere of the film based on her novel, she is kidnapped by unidentified crooks on her way back from a bar. She wakes up in a drum covered in blood but tries to escape by remembering the future, using her author's imagination. 

Director Lee Jungsub's Fallen is a work featuring sci-fi imagination to describe the will of a woman who is socially and conventionally stigmatized through no fault of her own. She tries to call on her time and memories to learn the secrets of survival and escape from her unfortunate past. In this human-made world, AI has the will to live beyond human beings, where memories of the past and future time are mixed. This film features a unique female character and a vision for the future that seeks to save the world beyond the stigma inflicted upon her. (MO Eun-young)



LEE Jungsub

He participated as a screenwriter and producer in a number of films, including Rikidozan: A Hero Extraordinary (2004), Lost In Love (2006), The Perfect Couple (2007), Romantic Island (2008). Fallen, which he directed, wrote and produced, was given  the Jury Special Mention Award at the 2020 Fantasporto International Film Festival.


Producer Lee Jungsub
Screenplay Lee Jungsub
Cinematographer Park Minu
Editor Lee Jungsub, Park Minu
Sound Jeff McCollister
Music Michael W. Choi
Production Design Lee Jungsub
Cast Yang G, Jang Taeyoung, Han Sungmin

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starhalf_star 9.00