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The Queen of Black Magic

Indonesia|2019 |99min |Korean Premiere |

  • 하드고어
  • 매직
  • 유령

Program Note

Hanif takes his wife, Nadya, and their three children on a trip to a secluded destination. They travel to the nursery school where he grew up. They went to visit Bandi, the sick manager of the nursery school. Hanif’s childhood friends Anton and Jefri along with his family also gathered. Due to the hospitality of the young couple guarding the nursery, they decide to stay the night. One by one the visitors are victimized by deadly black magic. The nursery school, once peaceful, becomes a space of bloody fear that they cannot escape. Hanif must face the dark secret of the nursery he had forgotten in order to save the children.

Kimo Stamboel of the Mo Brothers, who has worked extensively not only in Indonesia but also abroad, came to us with a Joko Anwar’s screenplay. After showing the characters and planting some horror signs at the start of the story, the director pushes the vintage Gore style horror without a hitch. A powerful fear that pushes the theme of evil's ordinary face and the return of repression and revenge to the end. (Ellen. Y. D. KIM)


키모 스탐보엘


Born in 1980. Kimo Stamboel, along with Timo Tjahjanto, is known as 'The Mo Brothers'. The Mo Brothers co-directed the short film Dara (2007), which was internationally acknowledged, their feature debut Macebre (2009), etc. The Queen of Black Magic (2019) is Kimo’s solo directing film. 

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